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This website features a lot of photo essays as well as blog posts involving life driving Route 66 or life in a town or city Route 66 used to pass through. Make no mistake. Route 66 is a cultural icon.

This really cannot be disputed. There are just simply too many songs, too many movies, and too many memories involving this stretch of highway in Southern California for it to be easily dismissed.

While it is no longer a formal highway, Route 6 continues to live in people’s memories because they have been touched by it in some level or other. It formed part of the youth car culture that still continues to this very day in Southern California.

It also offers a very interesting testimony to the rise of Southern California culture. Prior to the 1940s, California was just another state. In fact, it formed part of a large block of Western States that people have heard of, but haven’t really gone to.

It really was up in the air as to what the cultural significance and contribution of that part of the country will be. Most of the action, believe it or not, took place in the East Coast, where immigrants from places like Italy, Ireland, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere played a major role in crafting a greater American consciousness and the idea of an overarching American culture.

It was the idea of the melting pot that predominated the day. After World War II and the ensuing suburban prosperity that pretty much swept the United States, Hollywood culture became a big deal.

Hollywood, through its films and cultural products, pretty much set the pace as to what it means to be an American, what freedom is supposed to be like, and what fundamental values like liberty mean. A big part of this is the car culture of the Southern California which was portrayed on the silver screen.

That’s how influential Hollywood was and still is. This is why Route 66 is such a big thing. It may no longer be a formal highway, but it’s still a big things. This is why we have offered all these resources through this website.

If you come across a dead link or if you have access to a website that is not listed here, we’d love to hear from you. Also, if you have some sort of memory involving Route 66, please fill out the form below and we would like to publish what you have to share.

This website really is a love letter to one of the most scenic and most memorable highway to ever exist in the United States of America. Do yourself a big favor. Check out all our resources here and drop a comment.

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